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Please make a simple registration in our system.
It is FREE and will allow you to control your order, shipmentand payment.
STEP2            Order
You need to select the car on the website.
Or put your request, we help you find
For example, you can choose to have the search results listed according to make, car type, year, price, and many more!
STEP3            Payment
We will issue an invoice asking for the full payment.
Please pay using one of the above mentioned methods that are the most suitable for you.
Invoices: Please arrange payment via the bank details as provided on the invoice.
The FOB amount as shown must be wired via Telegraphic Trasnsfer. Please then forward the proof of payment to the seller.
After Payment
You will receive a notification from the Seller to confirm the receipt of your payment.
Please contact the Seller if you don’t hear from them.
Confirm consignee, notify party, and courier address:
Please check and confirm these details with your Seller.
If your seller is PRT, please fill in/edit your details through My Account as appropriate.
STEP4            Shipment
We will arrange shipment as soon as possible, after the departure of all documents or vehicles, will sent to you by EMS
Your vehicle is leaving Japan, and is about to arrive at your arrival port!
Following your vessel’s departure from Japan, you will be sent to your sepecified courier address all the documents you will need for customs clearance and registration of your vehicle.
Please get in touch with your port’s clearing agent to organize and prepare for the clearing process prior to the vessel’ s arrival.
STEP5             Delivery
You are now ready to pick your car at your destintion port. Please make sure you bring all the required documents.
Please bear in mind that the vehicle would have been immobile for some time during shipping.
It can lead to damages and breakdowns if you suddenly start revving the engine at full throttle.
We advise to let your vehicle warm up for several minutes by leaving your engine on idle before the first drive.
If your seller is CardealPage, you will find a special instructions sheet on the front glass of the vehicle.
How do you like the vehicle? Are you satisfied with the quality of the vehicle and the Seller’s communications & service?
Please send a photo of yourself and the vehicle along with your feedback!



           You need bus

You can post an enquiry of Japanese used Buese/vehicles like SUV`s / 4 WD, sedans, hatchbacks, vans, buses, wagons, trucks, tractors, construction machinery and other vehicles at Car Junction, one of the best suppliers of Japanese used cars to the world.
Vehicles: (Bus/Car/Van) / Trucks / Mechinery / Parts / Bikes / Others
Model Type:
Transmission: Any / MT / AT
Drive: Any / 4WD / 2WD
Fuel: Any / Gasoline / Diesel
Repaired: Any / None / Yes
Other: Ready To Go / Gertifide Vehicles / New / New Price
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